My Comics R US is a family business and we make a lot of money in this trade business. This site is only for professionals and not for people who have a hobby of collecting Comic Books because it is expensive to buy comic books here. Do not use our site if you are brand new in the business. I am not in the business of ripping off new people in to the business. I have no problems charging more for a product to someone who is in the business of making money like I do on the product. I charge a lot for the product I have and I do not want to mislead you or to waste your hard earned money. I make way too much money to be dishonest. If you are in the business for many years beware that I do not offer these products at cheap prices for my entire product is less expensive if you search for it elsewhere. This site is designed for inpatient people or for people who are making a great profit and need a certain issue fast and easy. I just want to be honest with you and I do not want someone to think just because I have a product for a certain price does it mean it is the best price because it is not the best price. This site is for serious business.

I do have thousands of Comic books to choose from. Years go from 1964 to present. Just send us an email what you are looking for and we will send you an email back what we have and the price. We take only western union, money orders, or cash. No checks or credit cards unless you have a long time history with us. Sales tax will be charged unless you have a number from the state that allows you not to pay sales tax.

For comics that are current years such as 2007 to present, there is a minimum fee of $50.00 no matter what plus the actual cost of the book itself. Again if you are collecting as a hobby, go to EBAY and buy it for less money.

There is no fee for shipping unless you want it overnight; there is a fee of $50.00 for all overnight requests even if you have an account number for FedEx etc. We pack it in damaged proof material because our product is valued above the market price.