This Site is for Buying, Selling and Trading Comic Books !!! All you have to do is send me an email of what you are looking to buy or looking to sell me.

Hobby Starting

For people who are new in the business, I have thousands of comic books that I sell in bulk. Each box comes with at least 150 comic books ranging from years 1980 to present all in plastic wraps. It does not matter what price is on the cover, all boxes of 150 comic books inside cost $200.00 per box plus actual shipping charge. So for $1.33 per comic book you can start your own collection. If you are looking for a certain comic book be prepared to spend more money than EBAY or you may be able to spend more time on the Internet looking for the same product for less money.

Wanted No1 Issues

I am looking for any number one issue of any brand comic book. Send me an email of what you have and how much is it. I will only buy product that is in plastic wrap. I am also looking for complete sets and I will buy as many sets as you have if I want and need the product. I also like limited sets or one time only prints.

Make a Wish Foundation or any other charity

If you work for a charity or you know a child or even an adult who is sick that would like a special comic book please send me an email. If your story is true I will not charge one cent if the product is worth less than $2500.00. If your product is worth more than $2500.00 we will try our best or loan the product to the charity and we will pay the cost of Insurance.

Superman is on the way

I have lots of Superman number one issues presently, all are over the price of $500 per book and the years go from 1964 to 1982. All are in plastic wrap and brand new condition. If you are new in the business of comic book collecting, this is an expensive price and you will be able to find it cheaper if you look for it. Like have said, I make too much money to be dishonest to new people in the business. Let me know if you are looking for a special one you want, these are Superman only, no other superhero in the book, only villains in these books.